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ROV - Services

ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) services refers to the use of underwater robots, controlled remotely from the surface, for various tasks such as inspection, maintenance, repair, and survey work in underwater environments.

Falcon ROV
Chasing M2 Pro ROV

ROV - Equipment

ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) equipment is a specialized type of underwater technology used for various tasks in underwater environments.

DIVING - Services

1. Offshore Diving Services:

Diving Support Services to the EPC projects
IRM for offshore structures and jackets
CALM /SPM & PLEM Installation and Maintenances
Subsea pipelines inspection and repair
Free span corrections and crossovers of subsea pipelines
Riser Installation, Pipe Laying & Cable Laying
Anode Installation & Replacement
Mooring chain Surveys
Splash Zone Repairs
Seabed Survey
U/W Welding & Cutting
Well Inspections/ Mud Line Survey
Marine Salvage
High Pressure Water Jetting for removal of marine growths
Oil booms installation for spill /environmental response
GVI and NDT of Rigs & Offshore Structures
Subsea NDT Such as:
  • Tomographic Method
  • Eddy Current
  • Phase Array Ultra Sonic Thickness (PAUT)
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Cathodic protection
  • Ultra Sonic Thickness Measurement

2. Inshore Diving and power plant Services:

Navigation Buoy Installation & Maintenance
Intake Pipeline inspection and Cleaning of Marine Growth
Inspection of gates and stop logs
Inspection, repair and Installation of Pipelines

3. Ship Husbandry & Inspection

Under water inspections in-lieu of Dry-docking
CCTV Video Survey & Inspection
Hull Cleaning/ Propeller Polishing
Seachest Blanking
Cofferdam Installation
Tail Shaft & Rudder Pintel Clearance Reading
Propeller shaft wear down measurement
Propellers & Rudder damages assessment
Removal of entangled ropes & nets on Shaft & Propeller
Box cooler, Speed log and Echo sounder cleaning
Underwater Cutting & Welding Of Sacrificial Zinc Anodes

DIVING - Equipment


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