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Our Partners and Associates

Sedres Maritime Co. Ltd

Sedres Maritime established in 1993, has grown from a company catering to limited services to now being capable of providing Complete Marine & Total Logistics Solutions to our esteemed clients. Our services cover Shipping agency, Crew change, Freight Forwarding, Land Transportation, Customs Clearance, Ship Handling, Construction and many others through JV partners, with the ability to provide bespoke services suiting to individual client’s requirements.

Our Address:
PO Box 10990
Al Jubail Industrial City 31961
Al Jubail
Saudi Arabia

Website : https://www.sedres.com/
Email: sedres@sedres.com

Trim Systems Pte ltd

Trim Systems Pte Ltd, a Singapore-registered company located on the western side of Singapore, commenced business in 1981 to supply underwater equipment to the diving industry as well as design and build high pressure airbank control systems used in seismic and geophysical works.
For the first five years, business was conducted from a small residence under adverse conditions as is normally the case when venturing even a small business without financial back - up. Trim Systems now owns and operates from our 22,000 square feet premises, housing our inventory, workshop, and administration.

Website: www.trim-systems.com.sg/Profile
Email: sales@trim-systems.com.sg

Dialog Jubail Supply Base (DJSB) and Dialog Services Saudi Arabia (DSSA)

The Dialog Jubail Supply Base within the Jubail Commercial Port is strategically located in a close proximity to the major offshore oil and gas fields in the Arabian Gulf, as well as the nearby integrated petrochemical complex in Jubail Industrial City .

Dialog Services Saudi Arabia, Is a Saudi / Malaysian Joint Venture between Dialog Group Berhad, Malaysia & Sedres Maritime, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our Address:
Dialog services Saudi Arabia Co.Ltd
Support Industries
P.O Box - 10990, Al- Jubail -31961
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Website: http://www.dialogksa.com/djsb/#

Six Alliance Technologies Pte. Ltd

Six Alliance Technologies Pte. Ltd. or “SAT” for short, is a company based in Singapore. SAT is a sister company to Six Alliance Co. Ltd (SACL) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The key role of SAT is to support both SAS and SACL in the development of technology and innovation as well as technical services for maintenance and repairs of diving equipment.

Our Address:
Six Alliance Technologies
24 Pioneer Crescent, #03-09 West Park BizCentral,
Singapore, 628557

Website: www.six-alliance.com
Email: Support@six-alliance.com