Non-Destructive Inspection

  1. Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement Surveys
  2. Magnetic Particle Testing
  3. Eddy Current Tsting
  4. Lifting Gear Load Testing & Certification to meet Classification and Industrial standard i.e.,API Spec 2C

Commercial Diving Services

  1. Underwater Inspection in-lieu of Dry-docking (UWILD) / In-Water Surveys (IWS)
  2. Underwater Non-destructive Testing
  3. Underwater Cutting / Welding
  4. Underwater Ship Husbandry - Brush Kart, Propeller Polishing, Rope / Cable entaglement

Consultancy Services

  1. Planning, preparation and project management team for offshore drilling rigs, marine vessels required for class periodical Surveys (i.e. Special Periodical, Renewal and Intermediate Surveys), including NDT, lifting Gear Certification and Underwater Inspection Diving Services.
  2. Project Management for third party inspectors and commissioning of marine assets during newbuilding or major modification

Engineering Services

  1. Production design engineering and nesting for steel work replacement (Shop drawings)

Engine Service and Repair

  1. High Speed Diesel Engine repairs specializing to work on brands such as Caterpillar, Cummins, Yanmar, Volvo Penta etc.

Marine Survey

  1. Marine Vessel Condition Survey
  2. On Hire - Off Hire Survey
  3. Damage Survey

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